Top Online Roulette Game

Roulette is the game that is most associated with the concept of the casino. To the roulette table includes the roulette itself is a turntable divided into 37 segments, numbered from 0 to 36 (The American roulette has 38 sections because it includes and 00). The croupier spins a ball of ivory upside down by rotation roulette. There is a table with the different bets you can place players and of course the dealer's area (groupie) with colored chips and cash chips. All these make up the roulette table, along with the locations in which players sit.

The player can exchange cash chips corresponding to the smallest bet allowed in this table is to bet with cash casino chips. The colored chips of the table is a different color for each player, helping players of the table so as not to confuse their bets although there are the watchful eye of the dealer. When you plan to leave the roulette table change the colored chips table with chips cash you can bet elsewhere or to redeem the funds of the casino. Before the dealer throw the ball but also during rotation players can bet in various ways and bring different gains. In roulette except straight bets, i.e. bets on numbers from 0 -36, there are simple fortunes, such as red-black or odd even and much more complex betting combinations will analyze them one by one on our websites.

Once the ball starts to slow down the dealer says the classic "no more bets", no more bets. Once the ball lands on a number, the dealer places a transparent piece to that number on the betting table, picks up the chips lose and begins to pay profits. At the roulette table there is an electronic scoreboard to the latest (15 or 20) numbers has brought the roulette. I did an informal poll among my friends who play in casinos, for the most in their opinion is the best casino. At the same time I asked them to justify to me why most consider their choice of the best casinos. In fact I asked them to explain me what is important in a casino.

My friends Athenians almost all except one exception, consider as the best Greek casinos, the casino of Outrace. In the view of the features that make Outrace casino is best luxurious and spacious rooms, the great service at all levels and the wide range of games, board games and slots. Only one said to me that it is important for him to be seaside. (Although, as is made all the casinos of the world you have no contact with the natural environment).

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