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Although the majority of casino supports depositing money via credit or debit card, many of them do not support the ability to withdraw money from your card. In this case you are required to open an e-wallet where you originally transferred your money and then you can send in your card or you can take one ATM card to the electronic wallet that you can connect to your bank account. The electronic wallets are particularly popular among players and casinos that used most is Kneeler , which is destined for use almost exclusively in gambling and SKILL . Here the Fire Pay and Click To Pay, There used and Money bookers which however was acquired by Skill .

Other less widely used and proven solutions is the Central Coin, Net Pay, Citadel, Pay spark and Use My Bank. The Pay pal also used as selection of the most popular online casinos. The Kneeler recommend it as the most convenient and safe. Where you will be required proof of identity which, although it is not necessary to give, we recommend you do because it will increase the limits of deposits / withdrawals and also will be able to transfer money directly into your bank account. The filing in the electronic wallet can be done directly through your credit card or in 1-3 days by bank transfer or via Internet Banking.

The difference between credit and debit cards is that in the latter case you can not withdraw more money than you have in your account. This is particularly important and we recommend you use a debit card because of risk, if you catch the rise, you lose not only your money but also additional money which will not be able later to cover. But even if you are not one of these characters again we recommend that you use a debit card because some casinos do not offer the option to withdraw from your credit card. Should your recording to check if you provide this opportunity (this info usually find the page "Banking" of each casino.

Prepaid cards are essentially debit cards granted by a third country other than that where you reside. So, if the casino does not accept credit or debit card because of the country where you have your headquarters, you can use a pre-paid card from the country from which accept casino, thereby bypassing this limitation.

The most widely used prepaid cards It is the Ecocide and Entropy. Less prevalent is the Quick tender (mainly used by persons resident in the USA) and Net spend. If the above options are not for you, then look at the cases bank transfer, check or money transfer through Western Union. To consult the page "Banking" of each casino if these options are available. Keep in mind that these options are typically slower than cards or electronic purses.

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