Online Poker Tournaments

Poker money offers normal and Ring Game played poker tournaments in addition to the opportunity to try the poker games for free. Players can practice different elodea (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha high / low, Razz, Seven Card Stud) RAY test online poker tables. In these tables, the money is used for the so-called practice money and it's completely free to play. Players must also be possible to get this training used in more money, so the games do not stop even if the start-up capital of the test games would be lost. Training Games for tables is named "TRY" prefix.

In addition, RAY poker training tables are available Sit & Go poker tournament, which also is the same, the test is free money that you can not use or exploit in any way the right ring game poker. Training for Sit & Go -auk set start just like a regular cash tournaments that is, when the tournament enroll the required number of players in the tournament.

If the training money games to satiate may RAY customers to try online poker real money to play on the side of free rolls, which are available to the winners real money. These RAY Poker players participation is completely free, in some cases, these free poker tournaments, it is possible to buy more chips so. the rebury period, but this is completely free of the terms and conditions.

These free-play online poker tournaments you will find RAY Poker game software (or the Flash client through) the scheduled tournaments in the lobby, "Free rolls" page. There are a number of free daily online poker tournaments with prize pools ranging from € 5 up to several hundreds of euros. Free online poker tournaments won in the money as soon as players use

To free online poker tournaments in addition to the participation of all the tournaments won in the money as soon as players. RAY poker clients can therefore choose to use stomas, say, a new bankroll to seed and have to play real money ring game and poker tournaments, or wish to try Ray's casino games, or transfer the money to his declared profit intern. Players can therefore certainly try, and also to win money without risking anything.

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