Online Casino Roulette Variants

Roulette was in addition to blackjack casino games of the first who came to the Internet in the mid-1990s, and its popularity is certainly not lost anything in the near future. For some reason, people want to necessarily find a system that would win at roulette. Of course, this is motivated by the desire to win money, but Roulette seems to be the subject of such systems more than any other game.

Take the example of Norman Leigh. As in his book Thirteen Against the Bank explains Leigh resulted in thirteen human groups at the Monte Carlo casinos and got a windfall profits. Leigh claimed to have «a reverse Lab here» concentration system with good results, but mathematicians have questioned whether the gains of his argument was that at all possible.

The development of computers led to a new, technically intelligent roulette playing in a generation. Of these the most famous was a group of physics students from the University of California, who called themselves the term Eudemons. These students will study the roulette and developed a formula to track its movement. Since this formula was so complex, they developed a small computer which was taken back to the casino to calculate for the wheel the ball would end up in eighth.

The system seemed to work to give 44% profit and the sum of more than € 7,000. However, a number of casino gambling was banned, when one of the computers burned hole in one group of women members in the skin. Other players who have claimed ability to overlay the roulette are, for example, Gonzalo Garcia-Playa, Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon, and Charles Wells.

They created the en prison rule, which means that when the ball ends up in position 0 or 00, even money bets are not lost. The stakes remain on the table until the next round and winning it will be given back to play (but profits are not paid) and they lose, they will be corrected away. The rule were excluded from the organization in 1980 by the Casino Control Commission. En prison rule is still used in most of the UK from traditional casinos.

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